Amazing Wedding Cakes

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Wedding Cakes are a long tradition for wedding celebrations and in my over 8 years of wedding photography I came across some amazing creations.  Each cake is a piece of art in itself. Elaborate designs with sometimes funny and sometimes traditional themes. 

I went through my archives and pulled some of the more interesting ones out to show you what can be done.


The history of the wedding cake goes back to the Roman Empire when bread was broken over the brides head as a sign of good luck and prosperity. In the Medieval cake stacks where pilled high and the couple had to kiss above it. When they succeeded it was regarded as a sign for a prosperous life.

Later cakes were created to impress. In the 17th century bakers started to create cake sculptures a tradition that has since been perfected to today's amazing cake creations.

One thing that amazes me every time I see a cake is the beautiful flowers made of icing sugar. Not only do they look real, but is astounding how fragile they are. In the last few years natural flowers have taken the place of icing copies. However, one must know their flowers because some can be posioness an experience we could see on Master Chef the other day.

The cake above is one of the funnier cakes that I encountered. The couple do have a quirky sense of humour and the baker in Gosford on the Central Coast has wonderfully captured the funny side of them.

Here is another cake that I liked as it resembles a winter landscape.

If creating your own sculptures isn't the thing for you you can use cake toppers. There are some very funny ones as you can see in the video at the end of this post.  The following was from a couple who were passionate fly fishers. They even had a special request for a photograph with them in flyfishing gear.

In summary, there are many options to have a wedding cake created that you enjoy long after the cake is eaten and the wedding is over. A beautifully crafted cake is a great way to celebrate and will give you a long lasting memory that you can be re-iterated for a long time.

The only limit in what you can and cannot do it as usual your budget. Cakes can cost in the vacinity between $1000-2000 or more if you are looking for something special. A long way from your average wedding cake that is around $500. 

To finish off here is a nice video with some funny toppers. Enjoy!



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