Beautiful Wedding of Liz and Matt

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Liz and Matt are a lovely couple who are so deeply in love it is nice to see them getting married. Unfortunately, the weather was not playing nice. It was raining.... no correction ... it was pouring down all day which made my job rather difficult as we could not leave cover without being drenched. 


In everything there is a good side and this was no different. Liz had changed the ceremony venue from a pure outdoor venue to the beutiful and very spacious Greenway Chapel at Greenpoint. The Greenway garden is beutiful with lucious trees, water features, a man made lake and some beautiful artifacts.

The couple also wanted a photo with the blooming Bell Tree in regards to their last name. Unfortunately, this all was drowned by the RainMan. However the rain could not stop Liz and Matt to have a good time. YOu can see it in the photos that they had a great time. 

I always say bad weather at the Wedding - Great Marriage. 

If you wonder how we got the photo with the Bell Tree and the beautiful images in the garden. Hmmm... that's a secret! 

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