How to Select Your Wedding Photographer

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Once you have set and confirmed the date and venue now it is time to look for all the other vendors. We recommend that you should book your photographer next. The main reason is that most good photographers are booked out months in advance.

Finding a photographer that you like can be a complicated undertaking. Most likely you will suffer information overload. There are so many different styles, great photos everywhere and so many different ways images are presented with prints, no prints, DVD no DVD, hundreds of different album options and so on and so on.

Here are some steps to get through this confusion quickly:

1)    Rule 1: Forget all other photographers and book straight with AD Photography. :) Ha Ha, Just Kidding.

2)    Find photographers who service your area. Try the Yellowpages or Google as a starting point.

3)    Visit their websites and short list those photographers whose photography style you like. Try to restrict the list to 3 or 4 max.

4)    Book an appointment to see the photos and album options first hand so you can compare apples with apples.

5)    Check some basic criteria:

a.    Do I like the style?

b.    Do they provide me with the images electronically or in prints?

c.    What album options do they have?

d.    Does the coverage meet my needs? ( Be careful with hourly coverage as you might run behind schedule on the day)

e.    Do they fit in my budget? (Make sure the price is right - too cheap is normally suspicious)

f.     Do they provide finance?


Although, I could go on with this section for ages I think it is best for you to read it from an independant source. At you can find an excellent article on how to find a photographer with some helpful hints on what to look for.

More about Photographers

Let's talk about the different options that you have for photographic services.

Different photographers offer different packages that all cover different things. What makes the wedding photography packages difficult to compare is that photographers bundle different services and products together into a package.

The other complication that you will find is that there are hundreds of different products on the market that differ in quality and when you did not look at the difference you would not understand why one photographer charges more than another.

Before we go any further lets clarify a few terms in order to be able to understand better what the different photographers talk about and make sense to the marketing mambo jambo.


The amount of time that your photographer will spend on the wedding day. Some photographers go strictly by the hour and charge more if your time is up. Other photographers will offer you to cover events such Preparation, Ceremony and /or Reception. Make sure that the coverage is specified in the Wedding Photography contract.


This means that the photographer is using a digital camera instead of a film camera. There was a big discussion in the last 10 years whether photographers should use film or digital. I believe this argument has now well and truly been won by the digital supporters.

High Res

High resolution images (High Res) are images that have a large amount of information stored in the image. In a strict sense of the word it means that the digital file that is used has a lot of detail and lots of colour. Usually if a photographer offers high res images on a CD they just mean that the image has large dimensions so that you can enlarge the image fairly big without the print looking patchy. However if you plan to enlarge your wedding photos to more than a 10x15in you best ask the photographer to get them printed as they can do that in much better quality.

Location Shot

After the ceremony is the best time to take formal shots of the couple and the Bridal Party. One of the things that you should agree with your photographer is what locations these shots will be taken. Ask your photographer for suggestions or you might have already your own preference. Location shots are fun. This is a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Post Production

Post production is work that a photographer does after the wedding to make your photos look fantastic. This work includes reviewing all images and selecting the best shots, improving the colour, composition and sharpness as well as turning some of your images into pieces of art. Post production is quite involved and takes a lot of time if done properly. Make sure your photographer does this very important quality control.



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