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We all want to look fabulous at our Weddings and some of us would like to shed a few pounds before the big day so that we look even better in our wedding photos. But how can we achieve this in just a few months until the big day.


In theory it is not rocket science to lose weight – eat less and burn more. In practice it is much harder because it easy to put food in the mouth, but much harder to get the calories back off. It requires firm will and determination to stick to a programme that will keep the calories down.

In my many years of battling with weight issues I learned that the best way to achieve the goal is by controlling what I eat. There are two methods that have proven successful. The first method is counting calories. Counting calories starts with an eating plan. Up front we need to determine what food we want to eat and stick to the healthy and yummy recipes that you can find all over the web.

Secondly, we need to set a target of calories that we will be eating. The target for the daily calories that we can eat is calculated using your age, body height and your current weight. Here is a link to one of the Calorie calculators that I particularly like. The reason I like this calculator is that it provides me with a calorie ZigZag plan. The theory behind the Calory ZigZag is that our body is very smart and adjusts to low calories quickly. If we starve our body it will slow the metabolic rate and instead of burning fat it will slow down. This not only slows our weight loss, but slows our performance and makes us miserable.

In a ZigZag plan you vary the amount of calories that you eat every day.  One or two days are low and the third day you can eat slightly more. This way we trick our body not to go in starvation mode and your metabolism is not slowing.

Calorie counting is made much easier these days with a number of apps that you can download free for iPhone, Android Phones and iPads. I personally use MyFitnessPal that I have for my phone and my iPad. It calculates the calories I can eat and also includes the exercise that I do every day. Based on the exercise I can eat more calories. So in a sense we get rewarded for being active. The great thing is that I can choose from a large range of foods that I can find very quickly. It also allows me to scan barcodes and makes finding the food very easy. You will find that most of the time we pretty much eat the same stuff and hence it gets easier as you go.

The second method to control what we eat is to avoid the bad foods and eat healthy low calorie foods. So instead of our daily burger at lunch time we have a salad and maybe a handful of nuts. It is a less accurate method of controlling what we eat, but we do not need to record all the foods. The main success factor with this method is to control portion sizes. A good guideline is to eat a portion the size of your hand. This seams not a lot, but key to any weight loss is to have regular small meals during the day. Aim for about 5 or 6 small meals about 2 hours apart. (Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack). The regular meals again are there to keep our metabolism active and not to starve the body.  Do not eat too late. A small meal around 2 hours before going to bed not only reduces building of fat during the night, but also gives us a much better sleep.

I do not believe in magic pills, but I came across a natural fruit extract that was recommended by Dr Oz in one of his episodes last year (Click Here for Dr Oz’ Article). Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin like fruit native to Indonesia and South East Asia that is regarded to help the liver to process fat. Instead of storing the fat it stimulates the liver to burn fat. I am about to test this new wonderpill. I will write an update once I have some positive results. You can get Garcinia Cambogia from Amazon.com if you live in the US. There are a few different products that you can select:

Garcinia Gold   

Pure Garcina Cambogia

The best way to get rid of those extra pounds is to do exercise. This is not always easy to fit into a busy daily schedule. Exercise does not need to be overly strenuous. Plan to take a 30-40 minute walk at lunch time. With our modern jobs we sit around all day it is a good practice to stimulate our body in the middle of the day with some physical activity.

Joining a gym or booking a personal trainer is also a great idea. If you can do the exercise at lunch time is the best to split the day. Make also sure you eat something like fruit before the exercise. It is a common misconception that we actually burn fat while we exercise. The reality is that we actually burn first all the sugar in the blood and if we exercise hard and long the muscle will be burned next as it is closest to where the nutrients are needed. Fat will be burned later when the muscle is being repaired.

Last but not least if you have a problem with losing weight get some support. I personally found Weight Watchers very helpful. They provide you with a programme and give you the support when losing weight is a challenge.

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