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What do I have to think about when I am planning my wedding?

Getting married is an exciting but also sometimes daunting experience. Now that you and your partner are engaged the big question emerges what do I need to get the wedding organised? What do I need to think about to make it all happen?


To help you with the task of planning your wedding we compiled a list of tasks that you can use as a checklist for things required for your big day.

Download the planner following this link: WeddingPlannerTodoList.xls

We used Microsoft Excel to prepare the list and we included a suggested timeframe when to do the different activities and plannind steps in relation to your wedding day. Just enter your planned day in the field at the top of the sheet and the suggested due dates of the tasks will adjust themselves. Once you firmed up your wedding day you can update the suggested due dates with your planned dates or leave them as suggested.

Naturally every wedding is different. The tasks for preparation depend on how much time you allowed for the preparation of your big day, how eloborate you want your wedding day to be and how big your budget is. I suggest you use the attached Wedding Planning tool as a starting point and delete all the tasks that do not apply to your wedding and add any additional things that are specific to you.

First and foremost you will need to firm up your wedding date. This is essential as all the the other planning steps will depend on this date. To firm the date you will need to book your venues and your celebrant or minister who will legally marry you. This are the absolute essentials for your wedding day that you cannot do without. 

Pay the booking fee and confirm the day before you start any other activities.

Once your day is confirmed enter it into the spreadsheet and walk through the checklist. You can delete any tasks that are not applicable to your planned wedding. Also look at the suggested date when to do the different tasks. We assume that from the engagement to the wedding it will take 1.5 years, but many people plan and organise the wedding in a much shorter timeframe. Hence you will need to sit down and adjust the dates accordingly.

Each tasks has a little description on what to keep in mind or what is intended for the task. This can be something like a guide for you or a memory jogger. 

Plan the Work and work the Plan!

Once you completed the plan you can just tick each task off as it needs to be done. Use the filter function of Excel to see what is coming up in the next few weeks or months and what you can do now. The earlier you get things done the better. If its out of the way it can be out the mind and is one thing less to worry about.

The planner also includes a suggested list and timing on the day. You can use this list as runsheet for the big day. The runsheet can be distributed to all of your suppliers, guests and special helpers so they all know when and where they are expected to be. Also include contact details for venue, bride, groom, wedding planner or bridal party so communication is open on the day. This can minimize the little hick ups that happen at most weddings.

I hope this little tool will help you to get your wedding organised! Have fun and enjoy this special time of your life.

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Update: I added a simple budget tracker to the spreadsheet. You can set a budget and it will give you sdome suggestions on how to allocated the budget. You can enter your own budget and track any booking cost, the paid amounts for deposits and it will calculate automatically how much you still owe. 

Download the planner using this link: WeddingPlannerTodoList.xls




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