Somersby Gardens Wedding Venue - Hidden Treasure on the Central Coast

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Are you looking for a beautiful wedding venue, for a venue to hold your next executive strategy meeting or a lovely Holiday Accommodation? Somersby Garden might be the venue just for you.

In my quest to find the best wedding venue on the Central Coast I came across Somersby Garden through my Wedding Photography business. After hearing all the fuzz I wanted to see it for myself. Here is what I found.



Hidden away behind the Reptile Park and next door to the beautiful Somersby Falls you enter into a world of tranquillity the moment you cross the “raging” Floods creek. Crossing the Creek is like a cleansing from everyday stress as you enter into a world of Aussie bush, wide green pastures and a beautiful well maintained garden that makes Somersby Garden such a beautiful spot to chill out.

The Estate is set on 50 acres surrounded by National Park and bushland for beautiful walks and a wealth of Australian Native Birds, Animals and Plants. A fantastic environment for all who love nature, bird watching or those who just want to relax in the luxury of the house.

The house is a great entertainer with 3 luxurious living areas, 2 kitchens and 5 spacious Bedrooms. Built in the style of an Australian Country Home with a 3.5m Bullnose Verandah it provides space for larger events even if the weather does not allow using the beautiful Garden.

Professionally landscaped on multiple levels and featuring Australian natives the wide garden is the ideal venue for your wedding ceremony. A large amphitheatre with separate stage can be transformed into a venue for the reception that your guests will remember.

Being located in a beautiful natural setting Somersby Garden Estate provides a multitude of great photo locations on the property or close by. Very popular among brides are the Somersby Falls just 3 minutes away. At Somersby Falls Flood Creek drops over 8 metres in 2 stages making the heart of every photographer jump for joy. Not often can we find such props of natural beauty and drama.

Directly on the property you can find the Western Ledge,  a sandstone plateau that gives clear view over the trees to enjoy spectacular sunsets. This is a feature you will treasure in your wedding album forever.

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