Tips for your Wedding Day

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Lets talk about the Big Day - Your Wedding Day!


Once you have organised all vendors and have made a decision on the rough sequence on the day you should now plan the day in detail. How the day will be organised depends greatly on the type of wedding and your religious traditions. However, a typical European style wedding day would look like this:

- Getting Ready

- Ceremony

- Formal Wedding Photos

- Pre Reception Drinks and Canapés

- Entry of the bridal party

- Dinner

- Speeches

- First Dance

- Dance and Entertainment

- Throwing of Bouquet

- Going Home

Create a runsheet of all the events you are planning and when they are about to happen. Allow enough time between events to have contingency for delays. The last thing you want is to stress because the schedule is running late. Attached is an excel spreadsheet that we give to our clients to plan the day. It contains the contact details of the bride and the Groom as well as those of the Wedding Event Planner. You should also give details of the addresses of the major venues so your suppliers and the photographer can find them easily. Check on Google that the correct address comes up. ( Click here for a runsheet example  Excel PDF)

Here are some more tips for planning the day. A wedding can be a very long and tiring day. Our recommendation is to keep it simple. Do not overload the day because the more you plan for the day the more you run the risk that you are running late and you might end up rushing from one activity to the next without a real chance to enjoy yourself.

Keep the logistics simple meaning plan to have most of the locations close together. Sydney is a big place with lots of traffic and it is quite difficult for everybody to get around. Parking at major venues such as Botanical Garden, Kirribilli, Lady Macquarie's Chair and the Opera House is difficult and you need to allow time for your videographer and photographer to get to you.

The other recommendation is to plan the day with photography in mind. The best time for outside photos is around late afternoon. The light is much softer and warmer. So our recommendation is that the ceremony finishes around 2-3 hours before Sunset. In Summer this might be difficult as the sun usually sets too late, but in autumn or spring the time is quite civilized.

For outside weddings try to avoid the time around lunchtime. With the sun very high in the sky the light is very harsh and bright. This makes the photos quite contrasty and it is very difficult for the photographer to make you look pretty.

Allow 1-2 hours for formal shots after the ceremony. Typically once the ceremony is finished everybody wants to congratulate the couple. Depending on how many guests you have this can take up to 30 minutes. This is a good time to take a group photo with everybody.

After the group shot it is a good idea to drive off and separate from the crowd. To make the best of the location shots plan only to have the bridal party around. Other guests often get in the way and also distract the people being photographed. This causes your bridal party to look everywhere but into the camera of your hired photographer.

Getting married is an exciting experience. Make most of it by getting as much help as you can on the day. You are the stars in this event which means your main responsibility on the day is to look pretty and be happy. :) So do not plan to be the organiser as well. One of my recent weddings was quite funny with the Groom and Bride running around organising everything and everybody to the point that they disappeared to pick up food from the caterer and went to Dan Murphy to get some Champagne. As result the schedule slipped, the Bride was totally stressed and things did not turn out as well as they could have.

Shelly Beach Golf Club - If you're Happy and You know it, your photos will show it

Why am I painting such a bleak picture? I do this out of selfishness. Happy couples that are relaxed and enjoy themselves are so much easier to photograph. Although we have some pretty good tricks up our sleeves to make you laugh and create the happy shots that we are after at a wedding we still documenting the day. Happiness shows in the photos. I remember one wedding at Shelly Beach Golf Club. After the ceremony the Bridal Party was racing around the Golf Course and we had so much fun that showed in the images.

Just to sum it up.

- Keep it simple

- Have detailed rundown of the activities on the day

- Have someone else manage the event

- Have fun


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