Wedding and Event Planning Apps - A review of the eVWe Planner

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Organising a wedding can be a daunting task if you do not have event planning experience. You probably ask yourself the question: Where do I start, what do I need to do and what will it all cost? There is a new Android on the market that can help you greatly - the Event and Wedding Planning App - eVWe Planner.


A wedding is a little more complex than other events because you will have additional things to worry about such as getting all your legal documentation together, finding a celebrant, your wedding dress, the wedding rings, Bridal Party Attire and other items.  This is on top of your usual event activities such as organising a venue, finding a caterer and booking music entertainment for your reception and ceremony.  

There are many ways to go about organising a major event. The best way to start is to create a todo list and setup a budget. This can be done using more traditional tools like excel or you can use one of the wedding planning apps that are now available on the Google Play app market.  With Smartphones and Tablets almost in every household a number of Wedding Planning apps have hit the market. The quality of the different tools differ with most apps providing basic tools to manage the preparation steps, guestlists, suppliers and your budget. Some apps are more sophisticated than others.

The Dashboard give the event planner a good overview over some key

indicators and the current stauts of the budget. 

A new Event and Wedding Planning tool was just released to the Android market that I regard the best of its kind at this point in time. The eVWe Planner is an Event and Wedding planning app that you can use to prepare pretty much any event of small or large size. This flexibility of the tool addresses one problem that most wedding planning tools have. Once your wedding is over there is usually no use for the app any more. Not so with the eVWe Planner it allows you to plan and manage all kind of events such as Larger Weddings, Small Weddings, Parties, Large Public Parties such as Balls or Dance Parties with hundreds of guests, Conferences, Exhibitions, Projects like a photo shoot, Annual Sales conference or even your holiday.

The tool is available on both tablets and phones:


The app has 7 main modules:
Event Module
When you start the app for the first time you are presented with the Event Detail screen. The first step is to enter a new event. If you organise a wedding you have two choices of Wedding Templates.  Select the the event type enter a name for the event, set a date, press submit and off you go.
There are 6 other Event Types that you can use as a starting point such as Party (Great for private parties, hens nights, engagement party or any other private event). The large Party template was developed for a more commercialised type of party such as a Charity Event, a Ball or large Dance Parties. There are also templates for organising conferences, exhibitions and smaller projects that have a fixed date such as a product launch.
So other than pure Wedding Planning Apps that only allow you a very narrow usage and are throw away after your big day this tool can be used in other scenarios and is flexible enough to adapt to changes.
Once you created your first event you will see the Dashboard as seen in the image above. The Dashboard is the control center. You can open the other modules by clicking on the images and also see some statistics about Todo Items, Costs, Guest Numbers and Suppliers. 

Todo List

If you are not a seasoned event planner organising weddings all the time, it is most likely something that you have not done before and will never do again. The eVWe Planner has 2 different task list templates that you can use as a starting point. There is a very comprehensive list of for larger weddings and a shorter one for smaller weddings with less lead time. The templates are a great way to get a good understanding what you should do and guides you through the process. Each task has a description with some additional information and suggestions. You can create an event for both types and decide which of the two options fit your particular preparation timeframe and style of wedding.

Once you got more familiar with the wedding planning activities you can add and delete tasks and also change the dates to suite your own style and requirements. For each task you can record a task name, a description, the person responsible and a date and time for the task. The time is not so much relevant in the planning stage but on the actual day or days of your wedding it is important that you can plan the proceedings in a sequence and that you can communicate your plans with suppliers and guests.


Budgeting has some real negative conotation to the word. However, when you organise an event like a wedding or any larger event a budget is absolutely essential. The reality is that you are entering into a number of legally binding arrangements with suppliers and this requires that you will be able to pay them all. eVWe Planner takes the pain out of the budgeting task.  All you need to do is to work out how much money you have available to spend on your wedding. You enter this amount in the budget sheet and the tool will make some suggestions how you could distribute the funds.  The next step is to go through the different budget items that are included in the Budget Template and decide how much you are willing or able to spend on each of them . This is where the suggestions of the tool come in handy. However, keep in mind that the suggestions are of a generic nature and you will need to customise your budget to the specifcs of your own wedding.

The budget sheet is automatically updated when you enter

your arrangements with suppliers and make payments.


Once you set the budget figures you are all done. Now you can start looking at all the nice dresses, cakes, venues and enjoy being pampered by the many vendors who would love to help you with your wedding. The budget is automatically updated when you shortlist or book a vendor in the Supplier module or when you record a payment. The tool also shows you the range of costs that you shortlisted with a mininum and maximum value. This makes it really easy for you to check whether the vendors that you select are in line with your overall budget. You can play with some what if scenarios. For example you have fallen in love with the beautiful wedding dress that is clearly not within your budget range. You can have a look at other budget items where you could use the minimum cost shortlisted and stay under budget to offset that beautiful dress.


When organising larger events there are many products and services that you will need on the day. To keep on top of all the discussions and arrangements you need to be organised. With the planning app you can do this easily and quickly and at all times you will have all the information at your fingertips. eVWe Planner has 4 sections for suppliers. Firstly there are the personal  details of the supplier such as Name Address, Contact Details. This is by the way the same format for all contacts including guests. Secondly there is a list of products which you can expand to product details. In the details section you can assign the prduct or service to a category that then is used to sort your vendors and assign a budget item you want to track the cost under.  


There are 2 different cost fields that you can track. Firstly there is a List Price. The list price is the price that will be kept on file for any future events. The other price is an agreed price that is specific to this event. In most cases the list price and agreed price is the same, but if you are a good negotiater you will probably be able to get better prices. The best thing about the way eVWe Planner is doing this is that once you select a product or service as shortlisted or booked it automatically updates your financial Budget Sheet including all totals for the event and budget categories.


The payment module can be reached in 2 different ways. You can enter via the Dashboard and record the payments that you made to suppliers or you can use the Budget Detail Screen to directly go into payments while you are looking into your financials. As with the supplier module all payments are automatically reflected in your budget sheet and you will be always on top without a lot of hassle.



Placement is a very interesting module. The module allows you to place invited Guests into any type of grouping that you like. The easiest example is a seating Plan for your reception. First you need to create a Placement Plan. A Placement plan holds different groupings called Positions. A position can be a table at your reception or a hotel were guests will stay.

Once you defined how many places the position holds you can assign your guests to the different slots. The tool allows to do multiple assignments in one go and removes any assigned guests from the selection until you assigned everybody. 



Where to find eVWe Planner?

eVWe Planner is available through the Google Play App store at: at the cost of less than a cup of coffee. It just is a No Brainer to get a copy as it will save you money, hazzle and heartache. As a Wedding Photographer I see many weddings and the ones that go smoothly are the ones where the weddding was well planned and executed. eVWe Planner will help you with that.


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