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Many different Ceremony traditions can be found across te globe. One of the more modern Ceremony types is the Sand Ceremony. Originated in the native Hawaiin and Native American tradtions Sand Ceremonies are increasingly more popular today. 


What does a Sand Ceremony Symbolise

In a sand ceremony the Groom and Bride both let sand flow in a container or glass bottle.  The sand represents the life stream of one person that from now on forms a unified stream by mixing the flowing sand with the partner's life stream. The sand can be normal fine beach sand or more common today is coloured sand. 

Often this ceremony replaces the lighting of the unified candle a tradition often seen in church ceremonies. Mostly for outdoor weddings a sand ceremony is more practical than the candle as the wind can easily blow out the candle.

Where does this Tradition Come from?

Sand ceremonies are around for along time. Whilst opinions are mixed whether this is just a new wedding craze of the 21st Century this tradition can be traced back hundreds if not thousands of years. There is no clear evidence which culture started this wedding ritual, but in Hawaiian Weddings performed on the beach this practice has a long history. Bride and Groom use seashells to scoop sand into a common container. Native Americans used coloured sand for a similar wedding tradition.

In the western world the sand ceremony has become very popular in the late 20th century and has its firm place in wedding rituals today.

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