Wedding Planners - Should I have one?

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This article gives some suggestions how to manage your wedding day. Do you need a Wedding Planner or should you do it all yourself?


I am not getting paid to blow the trumpet for wedding planners, but as a photographer I see many couples and particularly Brides that are stressed to the max on their one and only great day. Why? Most Brides organise the wedding on their own or with the help of their Maid of Honour and hence they are the only person that know all the arrangements that have been made. This means on the day everybody is coming to the Bride for decisions and questions that arise on the day.

There is nothing wrong with planning your wedding yourself. After all it is a lot of fun to select all these lovely clothes, suppliers and accessories. The key to success that will  have everything go smoothly is to properly plan the wedding and communicate with all people involved what is going to happen. My recommendation is that you read the Master Wedding Planning Guide - Click Here!  to build the perfect wedding plan.

On the big day however you should not plan to be the person who is organising everything and everyone. To avoid this situation my recommendation is that you have one person who can manage the event professionally. So maybe we should not call them Wedding Planners but Wedding Organisers or Event Managers. The wedding event manager is a person who makes sure that the complete event is running smoothly in line with the plan.

This person will know all the finer detail of the proceedings on the day, understands the deliveries of all the different suppliers and makes the decisions on the day where and when the products need to be setup. The wedding organiser is the point of contact for everybody. Guests can go to this person if there is a question or a problem. Problems? No, you will say - on my wedding day everything will go smooth. Think again.

I have only been to a few weddings where nothing went wrong. There are smaller dramas and big dramas. On one wedding a Groomsmen forgot to bring his pants. Very stressful for the bride as she had to get involved. There are cake deliveries going wrong, mother or father in laws gone missing, someone forgot to pick up the aunt from the airport, the groom did not fit in his shirt, Flowers did not turn up or the make up was late. Don't laugh- these are all events that I have witnessed first hand.

The problem is if you are the person to resolve all these little issues your day can easily be ruined. Do not underestimate the stress that a wedding day entails. As much as it is exciting to get married you will have to stand in front of a fairly large group of people and you will have to perfom your part. Most Brides and Grooms only really relax until the speeches are over and we are well and truly into the reception.

This is your big day and you will be the number one person.  Instead of running around and stressing about everybody else let everybody pamper you. Make sure you enjoy the day as the great day when you were the centre of the universe. I know from my own wedding that after the long preparation the wedding was over in a blink and it seemed to have been all but a faint dream.

There are many ways to get an Organiser or Event Manager. You could ask a friend or a relative to be the organiser on the day. Make sure that the person is very good in managing events and that they have all the information. Best is to involve the person in the planning stage from day one. This way they are fully aware of what arrangements have been made they understand what you had in mind.  Find someone you can trust and who will make decisions on your behalf.

The upside to using a close relative is that you know what you are in for. You know the person and will trust him or her to do the right thing. However, to be quite honest it is not fair for a close friend or relative to do this job because they deserve to be part of your wedding day and to enjoy the day as well. For this reason you should consider a professional wedding planner. The professional wedding planner does many events and knows from experience how to time the day, how to deal with the small and (hopefully not many) larger dramas. They will take all the stress away from you so you can concentrate on being a bride on the happiest day of your live.

The cost for a Wedding Planner might be a budget item that you might want to save. There are different models that you can use. You could use your Wedding Venue and let them organise everything for you. Most venues have an event manager and/or a supervisor at your wedding. These people can deal with everything from catering to looking after your guests.

The other option is to employ a Wedding Planner from day one. Many wedding planners have good contacts in the industry and can give you good advice on who to choose and who to avoid. They might get you discounts which will reduce the overall cost and you might save money in the end. Above all using a wedding planner is like an insurance policy for a less stressful wedding because the experience of the wedding planner can protect you from suppliers that might not provide you the best service.

I hope you will have a fabulous Wedding. Remember is all starts with a good plan. Click Here!


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