Some Tips to Book your Wedding Venue

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The wedding venue is the first thing you need to book because it determines your Wedding Date.  There are a few things to consider.


When you start planning your wedding the first thing to do is to set a date. The date of your wedding is generally dependent on the availability of a venue that is suitable and that you feel comfortable with.


Select the time of year that you prefer for your wedding day. Spring and Autumn are very popular times for the milder weather and some sunshine. Summer is the high season for weddings. However, keep in mind that it can be very hot and humid during that period which can be quite uncomfortable in dark suits and heavy wedding gowns. We have been at many summer weddings in December, January and February that had over 35 degrees. However, it really depends on your preference.


You will need to book the reception venue and also the venue for the ceremony. Make sure if reception and ceremony are not at the same place that they are close together – we have been to too many weddings were everybody had to drive all over Sydney to get to and from the venues and nothing is more annoying and stressful than getting stuck in traffic when you are on a tight schedule.


Travel time cuts time out of the itinerary which stops you from having photos taken or enjoy the day. There is also a good chance of getting lost or stuck in heavy traffic. My best example was a bride getting ready in the City, groom was getting ready in Casula, ceremony in Strathfield, photos at the Opera House and reception in Fairfield.  All up we did 2.5 hours of driving around Sydney.


Remember - keep the logistics simple. You have to consider an entourage of people. First and foremost your guests. People from out of town have usually difficulty to get around Sydney without getting lost. Secondly, your photographer and videographer. When we are going from one place to another I always like to stay with the couple. However, sometimes I loose the limousine and than I need to find the place the couple or bridal party went. Next I need to do is park my car. If you sit in a Limo your driver will take care of the car, but the photographer and videographer have to find a parking spot. Parking is quite difficult at the most popular landmarks. So keep in mind how your photographer gets there and allow enough time for them to get sorted.

There are many great venues around Sydney. When selecting the venue budget is certainly a big constraint, but you also need to consider other aspects. Here is a list of criteria that you should consider:

- Does it fit my budget?

- Do they have enough space for all my guests?

- Is parking available?

- Is it close to the ceremony venue?

- Do I like the food, venue, service and the people - is this venue my style?

- Is the venue available on the day I want?

Make sure that when you booked and paid the deposit that you receive a confirmation letter from them.


Another aspect of venues are photo locations. New South Wales Park and Wildlife Authority and large venues such as Botanical Gardens and Centennial Park require you to book your Photoshoot and in some cases charge you for taking photos. It is generally the Bride's responsibility to check and book the locations. So to avoid getting in trouble with the Rangers or having to fight with other Bridal Parties for the good spots I suggest you call NSW Park and Wildlife to book and clarify their requirements and rules.

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